Dental Implants Abroad or UK?

Should You Have Dental Implants Abroad or in the UK?


Considerations for Dental Implant Treatment in the UK or Abroad

Consider All Scenarios of Your Treatment including Possible Unforeseen Repeat Visits. Can you afford the money or to take time-out if you needed to go Abroad Again?

Unfortunately dental implant treatment is not cheap no matter how you put it. Budgets are constrained and everybody needs to search for value in all aspects of our daily life including health-care. This has led to medical tourism where Britons will go abroad in search of cheaper medical and dental treatment.

There is no doubt that overseas dental services who advertise cheaper dental implants  provide a valuable service for many people with a satisfactory standard of care and expertise. However not all cases go to plan.


At Life we pride ourselves on providing a quality service. This inevitably takes time and care and costs money.

Patients should ask themselves that if their budget is limited and they are thinking to go abroad to save money what backup exists if the treatment doesn’t go to plan. Do they have the resources to correct things if need be in the UK?