Four Implants to Restore your Smile in 1 Day!

A dental implant treatment will do wonders in restoring your smile, but you may find yourself hesitating about it because of the long treatment period involved. This is because conventional implants need to go through a healing period that may last for a few months, to allow them to integrate with the surrounding jawbone tissue. However, there is now an option that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of an implant treatment in just one day.

Life Dental Implants in London offers same day teeth implants which can restore the form and function of your smile, within just one day. The one-day procedure includes the extraction of remaining teeth (whenever necessary) before the placement of dental implants. Four implants are used to restore an entire set of teeth (in the upper or the lower jaw) and will be attached accordingly to a fixed bridge. The implants are placed using a minimally-invasive procedure and maximising the existing bone quality to avoid more complex treatments such as bone grafts.

Same day fixed teeth can also be used to solve problems with loose dentures. Within one day, the normal use and appearance of teeth are restored, without the need to wait for a long time for the implants to be healed before being attached to teeth replacements. You can come into the dental clinic in the morning, and then leave in the afternoon with a brand-new smile! Same day implants make it possible for you to instantly enjoy the benefits of an implant treatment, so you can face the world with a beautiful, natural-looking smile without the long wait.

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