Failing Teeth Solved with Dental Implants

Your healthy smile is made up of a complete set of bright, white teeth. When even one of these teeth damaged or gets lost – especially the ones which are readily visible when the mouth is opened – the entire smile is suffers greatly and instantly. Tooth loss turns a once healthy smile into one that looks vastly incomplete and unattractive. If more of your teeth suffer from damage, or when they begin to loosen due to various factors, it is important to go to your dentist, so you can get the appropriate treatment to restore your healthy smile.

Several factors can lead to failing teeth problems; these include tooth decay, gum disease, or the presence of certain medical conditions that can affect oral health. When your teeth are on the first stages of failing, you may feel them starting to loosen; they may even fall out gradually on their own. The best thing to do if you have failing teeth is to visit a Life Dental Implants dentist, so you can restore your smile to good health and attractiveness.

The dentist will first assess your condition to determine your failing teeth problem. There are times when you can have a same day teeth implants procedure – and bring back healthy smiles in just one day! With the same day dental implant treatment, any necessary teeth extractions will be done within the same day, right after the implants are embedded into the jawbone. The teeth restorations (such as a fixed dental bridge) will be connected to the implants also within the same day, so you can enjoy a complete, healthy smile without the long waiting period.

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