Don’t Like Dentures? Go for Dental Implants Instead!

Dentures provide a quick solution to solving missing teeth problems. These artificial teeth can restore the normal appearance of a smile after the loss of natural teeth, without the need for surgery or any invasive procedure. The dentures are created according to the patient’s unique mouth measurements to ensure a comfortable fit. But as time passes, the problems that arise from using dentures will eventually surpass the benefits derived from using these removable dental appliances.

Do you use dentures? If you have been using dentures for a long time, you will notice a difference in the way they fit inside your mouth. The first few years of using them may pose no problems, as they will still have the comfortable fit from the time they were created and designed especially for you. However, time is your enemy when it comes to denture use. The jawbone underneath will undergo bone deterioration since there are no tooth roots to stimulate it to maintain its healthy structure. As the jawbone becomes thinner, the dentures will loosen and start to give you embarrassing and uncomfortable problems.

If you are tired of having to deal with loose dentures on a daily basis, there is a more permanent missing teeth solution you can turn to. Dental implants restore the healthy appearance and function of missing teeth, while also stimulating the jawbone to prevent bone deterioration – or stop it from further progressing. A dental implant treatment will end your discomfort and embarrassment from loose dentures, so you can confidently face the world with a beautiful smile.

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