Do You Have a Dental Emergency?

Do you have an extremely painful dental problem? Are your daily activities affected because of the discomfort of this problem? Seeing your dentist immediately will give you the long-lasting pain relief you need. A dental emergency is any dental issue that involves severe pain and/or bleeding, such that you could not function properly anymore because of the extent of the discomfort. Injuries that involve the mouth or facial area, especially those that result to tooth loss or trauma, are also considered to be dental emergencies that need to be checked by a dentist in the soonest possible time.

A knocked-out tooth is one of the most common dental emergency situations. The tooth may have been knocked out by accidents that involve direct trauma to the face or mouth area, resulting in one or more teeth being accidentally removed from the sockets. Even if there is no bleeding, this is still considered as a dental emergency because of the urgency involved – the tooth can still be re-attached to the socket, but only if you are seen by the dentist within one hour of the tooth being knocked out. Depending on the situation, in general, the tooth should not be touched and kept clean for it to be considered for re-attachment.

Trauma to the mouth and face area that leads to bleeding should be seen by a dentist immediately so further blood loss can be prevented. Severe tooth pain that comes from an infection, dental abscess, tooth decay, or gum problems can also be considered as dental emergencies, as these need urgent dental treatment to deal with the extreme discomfort.

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