Discreet Options for Straightening Your Teeth

Do you have crooked teeth? An orthodontic treatment aims to move teeth into better alignment to improve both the aesthetics and function of a smile. However, not everyone may want to go through an orthodontic treatment because it can be embarrassing to experience, especially for adults. The obvious metal parts will have a significant impact on the appearance of the smile and can make speaking or smiling look awkward. The metal braces usually bring discomfort and inconvenience as well, which are major turn off factors that lead some to forego the teeth straightening altogether.

The good news is, there are now various options that offer discreet teeth straightening. Invisible braces, such as Invisalign, straighten the teeth without the conspicuous metal wires or brackets. The plastic aligners are nearly invisible and created to perfectly fit on top of the teeth for the orthodontic treatment. These braces can be removed whenever necessary, such as before mealtimes or before brushing the teeth. Six Month Smiles, on the other hand, use clear brackets and nearly invisible wires to gently and discreetly straighten teeth in a shorter time frame.

Lingual braces offer another discreet orthodontic treatment option. The braces, such as Incognito, are placed in the back portion of the teeth, making them invisible to others for the duration of the treatment. Lingual braces offer more comfort compared to conventional metal braces and have very minimal effect on speech as the orthodontic treatment progresses.

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