Post-Covid19 Guidance

We are open from 08 June 2020 – Your Safety is Paramount. Please see our guide below.

At Life Dental Implants, we have spent our time reviewing everything we do in great detail following Covid-19. Our priority is to make sure that dental treatments at our practice will be carried out under the safest conditions for all of our patients and team members.

Important changes you will see when you visit us for dental care

1. Reviewing our patients’ health

You will be asked a few questions about your experience with Covid-19, how you feel and if your family members have been well. We want to provide dental care as long as it is safe. However, with careful diary management, we are prepared for everyone; including elderly patients and those with complicated medical histories.

2. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

We have purchased the most effective masks, gowns, visors, goggles, hats, shoe covers, handwashing soaps, to prepare the dentist, hygienist and nurse for your dental treatment.

3. Journeys with less contact

Social distancing is a crucial factor in reducing the spread of the virus. We will help you with appointments, consents, and financial matters from the comfort of your home.

4. Dental Rubber dam

This is a sheet of rubber that can isolate a tooth or group of teeth and work as a barrier – we will use this more often than before. By this way, there will be less aerosol generation during dental procedures – making treatment room safer for the dentist, nurse and the next patient.

5. Virtual Consultations

We can do new patient video consultations to answer many of your questions without coming in the practice.

6. Longer appointments

We want to carry on providing high-quality dentistry under the safest conditions with long-lasting results. With respect to the current situation, our team will spend more time carrying out the cleaning procedures for our patients’ health, confidence and peace of mind. There will be 1 hour between appointments.

7. Check-in & remain in your car

We will ask you to let us know you have arrived; then please remain in your car (if that is how you came to us) so that there will be less patients at a time within our practice – to practice social distancing more effectively.

8. Screens and Hand Sanitisers

Protective screens have been installed at our reception desks, and hand sanitisers and masks will be provided to our staff and patients. Please feel free to use these products.

9. Practice & Surface disinfection

After extensive research, we have chosen Salvesan ( as our environmentally safe surface disinfectant which is effective against Coronavirus. It is proven to kill all germs by 99.99% within minutes.

10. Clutter-free environment

Our environment will be even more clutter-free, enabling our cleaners to keep surfaces cleaner and disinfected.