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    Why Choose LIFE for Dental Implants?

    Why Choose Life Dental Implants in London

    We offer affordable Dental Implants in London combined with years of experience, an honest & genuinely caring approach, and clear prices with options for your treatment. Discover why 1000s of people are choosing Dr. Azhar Sheikh at Life Dental Implants in London.

    • Gentle, caring treatment approach by Dr. Azhar Sheikh, one of the most trusted and experienced dentists in UK with 25 years in Implant Dentistry.
    • No hard sell. Just good quality service and dental implant information, with all options made available to you.
    • Affordable, clear prices – no unwanted surprises when it comes to treatment cost.
    • Free Dental Implant consultation including X-rays.
    • Affordable, clear prices – no unwanted surprises when it comes to treatment cost.
    • Convenient location – our London Victoria practice is a short 5-minute walk from the train station.

    Coming here, you get the support and the understanding that you need. Very encouraging and reassuring, you’re going to know what is happening at every stage. Of course, going to the dentist makes you a bit nervous, but it’s been very welcoming and very encouraging. Everyone has been very understanding, even if I have been apprehensive about things.

    Danise Baretta

    Dental Implant Patient

    Types of dental Implant Patients

    Types of Patients we Have Helped with Dental Implants

    Dental implants are the ideal solutions for missing teeth. With the help of a successful implant treatments, we have put smiles back in the faces of our patients who previously had:

    • One missing tooth – solved with a dental implant and a dental crown
    • Several missing teeth – addressed with implants and a dental bridge
    • All teeth missing – solved with implants (same day teeth) and a fixed dental bridge
    • Loose denture problems
    • Tooth loss due to injuries or accidents
    • Tooth loss due to gum disease or other dental problems


    About Dental Implants

    Dental implants are titanium screws that are placed directly into the jawbone to serve as artificial tooth roots that will hold replacement teeth. An implant treatment is the ideal solution to missing teeth problems, which may be caused by a variety of reasons such as gum disease or injuries.

    Dental implants Single

    Benefits of dental Implants

    1. Improved smile aesthetics – smile becomes more beautiful and natural-looking after an implant treatment.
    2. Restoration of the normal function of teeth. In turn, there is increased pleasure in eating with the restored function.
    3. Loose denture problems solved – no more painful and embarrassing use of removable dentures.
    4. Prevent or stop jawbone deterioration.
    5. Boost confidence, self-esteem, and self-image.

    COMPLETE DENTAL IMPLANT & *CROWN OFFER  from £ 1,150.00. Save £800.00 Per Implant. See Full Offer>
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    *Metal / Porcelain Crown

    About Same Day Teeth Implants

    Same day teeth refers to the method of placing teeth restorations within the same day of placing dental implants into the jawbone. It usually involves the replacement of a full set of teeth (on the lower of the upper arch, or both) with implants that provide support for a fixed dental bridge, as opposed to the use of removable dentures. The patient will leave the practice with a brand-new smile on the same day that the implants are placed.

    full mouth - same day dental implants

    Benefits of Same Day Dental Implants

    1. Provide fixed teeth in one day.
    2. No need to wait for months for a new and improved smile.
    3. Restored function and aesthetics can immediately be enjoyed right after the treatment.
    4. Initial extractions, dental implant surgery, and placement of teeth are all done in one day.
    5. Complex procedures such as bone grafting and nerve repositioning are avoided whenever possible.
    6. Treatment cost and duration/time is significantly reduced.

    SAME DAY TEETH IMPLANTS (Full Mouth Implants) OFFER. Save up to £5,000 per Jaw this month. Call 0746 285 8625 for full details.

    Free Consultation with Dr Sheikh

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    Patient Videos

    Watch our Dental Implant patient video testimonials kindly sent to us. We strive to give our patients a happy experience before, during and after treatment.

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    If you are looking for any treatment at all and you are worried about it – just go there and try to have a free consultation and that will open up all the possibilities. I have never felt that I was pressured to do anything – it was always alright, think about it, come back to us when you’re ready – which I think is the right approach.

    Corinne O’Loughlin

    The end result was absolutely fantastic, can’t complain. Just to be able to bite into an apple like that was absolutely fantastic. I even got my full smile back.

    Peter Calagan

    I find your staff very professional, courteous, and very competent. I’m happy with the treatment I’ve received. All the processes are very satisfying – it’s something that I have been looking for. I’m very, very happy – I think it is money well spent.

    Felicia Agbacoba

    Clear Prices & 0% Finance

    Life dental Implant clinic

    Transparency in Our Services and Fees is Our Promise to You.

    1. We promise transparency in treatment plans and dental implant options. Written estimates to confirm fees will always be given.
    2. For dental implants, your initial consultation will be followed by a full assessment, with appropriate treatment options and plans. While we attempt to follow the fee guide, Dental Implant treatment cost for individual cases will always vary.
    3. We offer Interest free credit payment plans subject to status.
    4. We offer 0% Finance plans to help spread the cost of your treatment over months or years.
    5. We will make you aware if dental implants are not the appropriate treatment for you.

    Your Dentist
    Dr Azhar Sheikh

    Dr. Azhar Sheikh will personally make sure that every of your concerns are addressed and put to rest before you decide on going through with the dental implant treatment. We hope that you will be pleasantly surprised at the level of care and concern you will receive at Life – because we put a high value on how you feel before, during and after the treatments.

    • Founder of Life Dental Implants
    • Co-founder of The London Dental Studio
    • Faculty member Tatum Institute Birmingham
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