Dental Implant Cost & Insurance

Dental Implant Cost: Dental Implants, A Worthy Cause?

Your decision is personal to you and needs to be made in full possession of the facts.


Patients who are faced with the information about dental implant costs may become hesitant in undergoing a dental implant procedure – even if there is an urgent need for the implants to take the place of a missing tooth (or several teeth). Costs can be a significant barrier to treatment. A deeper understanding of the factors that affect the cost of dental implant treatment should allow patients to evaluate whether the treatment is right for them at their stage in life. Your decision is personal to you and needs to be made in full possession of the facts. hopefully the result will be be the improved quality of life that the dental implants can bring to you.

Inclusions in Dental Implant Cost


The Dental Implant Cost that will be Estimated to a Patient Includes the Following Procedures and Items:

• Dental consultation – This is the process by which the dental surgeon makes an assessment of the patient’s specific dental implant needs, and provides clear-cut answers to whatever questions the patient may have.

• Dental implant – The dental implant cost includes the actual dental implant, and the services of the dental surgeon in the placement of the dental implant.

• Bone and/or gum grafting – only if advised by the dentist/ dental surgeon.

• Restoration tooth/teeth – the dental crowns of dental bridge that will be attached to the dental implant.

*The dental implant cost will vary greatly from patient to patient, which is why a personal consultation with a dental surgeon is needed to determine the kind of dental implant cost to be expected. The positive impact that dental implants can have in a patient’s life will more than make up for the dental implant cost, which covers everything about the dental implant procedure from start to finish.

*We will make every effort to include all the foreseeable treatment costs. (Sometimes additional costs may be necessary and this will be discussed and agreed with the patient beforehand)

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Cost of Dental Implants – A Worthwhile Investment?


There is a general rule in Life; and this is that as numbers, time and complexity increases so does cost! As we all know money is ALWAYS in short supply and there are too many things that make demands on our limited supply.

Countless people may be hesitant of the cost associated with having dental implants; but in reality, dental implants can be some of the most worthwhile investments you can ever make and costs have come down in recent years as techniques, materials and knowledge has improved. Studies have shown that millions of Britons have at least one tooth missing so there are huge numbers of people that would like dental implants but feel they cannot afford them. We can help to explain costs and “interest free payment plans” that are available and let you make the correct decision about whether dental implants are appropriate for you in your given circumstances. the correct decision is the one that you decide is right for you at that particular time in your life. Circumstances may improve later on and make dental implants feasible then. However although costs are an important factor in the decision making they are by no means the only factor and you should take time to consider all the facts before committing to a plan. It takes time, expertise and planning to do things to high standard and you should not always consider implant dentistry to be a quick fix.

We understand how important it is for people suffering from missing teeth to get dental implants; however, we understand as well that is it equally important for people to feel safe and confident in the procedure, even before they decide to go through with it.


We will give you all the information you need, and will make sure that all of your questions and concerns are answered competently – so you can have the confidence and peace of mind to go through the life-changing results that dental implants will bring about.