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linguel treatment whats average cost


Thank you for your enquiry.

The initial consultation with the Orthodontist is the most crucial part of your smile enhancement. At this stage your dentition will be assessed and then different Orthodontic treatment options will be advised depending on what type of appliance is suitable for your dentition. The initial consultation with our Orthodontist is £95.00; however, I am pleased to advise you that we are offering a cosmetic consultation completely free of charge until the end of November 2010. The approximate fee varies depending on the type of Orthodontic treatment carried out, the number of teeth involved and the time scale etc.

There are also several types of braces available namely Lingual braces (Braces on inside your teeth, not visible),

Invisalign Braces, metallic braces or Ceramic braces. The fee for Lingual braces/ Invisalign braces is £3500 per arch/ £5000 for both, ceramic braces (white wire and transparent brackets) £3000 per arch or £4000 for both.

At The Studio, we also have a 0% interest payment plan facility, which gives you the flexibility to take care of your dental fees over 6 or 10 months should you wish. I hope this information helps.

Should you have any further queries or wish to make an appointment please feel free to call me on 020 7630 0782 or send me an email with some dates & times convenient, so that I set some time aside for you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.