Dealing with Fears about the Implant Treatment

Do you dread a trip to the dentist? Are you always looking for excuses not to go to regular dental check-ups? Going to the dentist for even the simplest routine procedures can be an excruciating activity for nervous patients. That anxiety may be multiplied tenfold when the same patients are faced with the idea of going through a surgical procedure, such as a dental implant treatment.

nervous patient care

At Life Dental Implants, we understand how difficult it can be for nervous patients to go for the treatments they need. One of Dr. Azhar Sheikh’s strengths is his genuinely caring and sympathetic nature, which enables him to establish a supportive & considerate manner when dealing with patients. This high level of care and concern greatly helps in alleviating an anxious patient’s fears, especially when preparing for a complicated procedure such as the placement of dental implants.

We also offer nervous patient care through the use of conscious sedation, which is done intravenously. When you are under conscious sedation, you will be placed under a deeply relaxed state; you will not feel afraid during and after the procedure. All throughout the implant treatment, you will be comfortable but will still be conscious to understand everything that the dentist tells you. Afterwards, you will not remember the unpleasant parts that may have occurred during the implant placement – giving you an entirely pleasant experience as you start enjoying your brand-new smile with dental implants.

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