Detailed Assessment

Detailed Assessment including Medical Status


Once you have decided to proceed with treatment, at this appointment a very detailed history is taken and a full assessment is carried out to ensure that all the necessary information about you that is required to deliver your treatment in a safe and predictable manner is collected and noted. This includes a detailed exam, X Rays, photos, casts of your mouth and teeth and CT Scans. Your medical status will also be carefully checked and if necessary contact will be made with your medical doctors. Following this Dr Sheikh will assess this information and then formulate a treatment plan according to your requests and needs and send you a detailed report prior to treatment for you to consider. This establishes a good basis on which to commence treatment assuming all is satisfactory.

Sometimes it is necessary to modify what is requested because those outcomes are not possible or practicable and it is better to know all of this before treatment starts.

Assessment and Design


Often it is necessary as part of the assessment to make mock ups or designs of the end result to see if this is what is desired or how far from it the possible treatment varies. This is very helpful in the planning and execution of the treatment but also helps the patient to see a fair representation of the end result. These designs are often used to fabricate guides, stents and models to assist in the planning of placement of implants.

Suitability or Otherwise


If implant treatment is not appropriate for you then you will be advised as such. Implants are not for everyone and there may be many reasons why that is the case for you. In this case alternatives can be discussed and suggested or indeed the decision made not to go ahead with any treatment. Sometimes no treatment is the best option and is often the first alternative that Dr Sheikh will discuss with you.

Full Report and Consent

No Dental Implant Treatment will be Carried out until a Report has been Presented to You for Your Consideration and Agreement.


The report will outline the discussions that took place, the treatment plan agreed with possible variations, the risks and benefits of treatment including the different available options, the timing and costs. This is an essential and invaluable document and establishes the basis of the treatment. we want your treatment to proceed in as smooth a manner as possible with you fully involved and informed of what is happening at all times.