Your First Dental Implant Consultation and Assessment

What Should I Expect During My First Consultation?

your first consultation

We want to make sure that your first impression will be a positive one. We want you to have a clearer idea on what to expect with the dental implant. Your first consultation will introduce you to the dental implant expert, Dr Azhar Sheikh, who will listen attentively and patiently to your desires, needs and concerns and try to understand them. X Rays are usually taken to facilitate the discussion so that it is personal to you and informative. it is usually possible to get an initial understanding of your case at t his session although often further consultations are needed. Your case will be discussed, problems identified and a range of relevant options presented to you for consideration. Your input is essential and encouraged so that any plan finalised is the one that is right for your individual circumstances. This visit is a conversation with Dr Sheikh and not a lecture from him. Of course anything discussed today is subject to a detailed further investigation.

The consultation process should allow you to have a greater understanding of dental implants, alternative treatments, advantages and disadvantages of different modalities both implants and non implants, timing, procedures and costs. you are better informed and are in a position to make the correct choices about the treatment plan that’s best for you.

What is the Aim of My First Consultation?

The consultation and assessment process will give us an opportunity to establish the current condition of your dentition and general health ascertain your desires and needs and give you viable options as to how your requirements can be met subject to your personal circumstances. We will carefully guide you to making the best decision based on the information given.

We will also discuss the long-term effects the dental implants will have on your life, and give you the scenarios that each treatment will most likely result to.

Our promise is to be transparent with you from your first consultation session onwards. Your first consultation is set in a way that will give you the information you need – and assurance you deserve – are completely met and even surpassed.

You will be given sufficient information to make an informed decision. You will be informed about general and specific risks of implant treatment. In general implants are a very safe, versatile, predictable and long lasting form of dental treatment that bring joy to an enormous number of people. However both we and you need to be happy that implants are the best option for you. They are not for everyone and sometimes the best treatment is no treatment at all! if we feel that implant treatment is not in your best interests we will tell you.You will be provided with all the necessary treatment and financial details and a written treatment plan will be provided for you to consider prior to any treatment commencing. there should be no surprises. We will also give you payment options so you can choose which one best suits your preference.

From our end, the first consultation is our chance to get to know each other better so we can build a relationship based on trust – because we know that trusting your dental care provider will eventually give you the peace of mind to go through with the life-changing results that a dental implant can bring.