Conditions that Need Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is considered as a last resort – when no other course of action can save an affected tooth from being removed. Prior to even considering tooth removal, your dentist will exhaust all available possibilities and treatments to save the tooth. A tooth extraction procedure may sound ominous, but it is actually done to save your smile and your other teeth from being affected by a decayed or infected tooth.

What are the conditions that require tooth extraction?

Extensively damaged or decayed teeth are some of the most common candidates for tooth extraction. In these cases, the damage is too great that no other treatment can be done to save its function and aesthetics. Teeth that have been affected by severe gum disease may be candidates for extraction if they suffer from extensive damage. An orthodontic treatment can also require tooth removal, especially if crooked teeth need space to be moved a proper alignment– which can only be achieved by removing a tooth or two.

An impacted wisdom tooth will also need to be extracted especially if it gets infected. A tooth is said to be impacted if it does not grow out in a normal manner from under the gum line and instead moves sideways to push painfully against surrounding teeth. In this case, the tooth extraction is needed to provide long-lasting pain relief, and also to prevent the infection from spreading to neighbouring teeth.

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