Complete your Christmas Smile with a Dental Implant

December 16th, 2015Special OffersComments:0

The happiest time of the year is now upon us, and there is no better time to flash those gorgeous smiles than this holiday season. Life Dental Implants is here to help you enjoy the Christmas season even more, so you can have the confidence to flash your complete smiles without worrying about missing teeth.

holiday smiles

Check out our amazing Christmas offer – a Complete Dental Implant and Dental Crown, now only for £1,150.00! This offer ends on December 31, 2015, so call us now at 0746 285 8625 for inquiries or bookings so you can take advantage of this special offer.

Are you still looking for the best gift you can give to yourself this Christmas? You can dramatically improve your smile by closing that toothless gap, with our unbeatable special offer for a complete dental implant + dental crown treatment. We offer this impressive deal for £1,150.00, saving you a remarkable £350.00 per dental implant. This deal includes:

• Conventional dental implant worth £500.00
• Implant post worth £400.00
• Dental crown (ceramic/metal) worth £600.00

*Additional costs which may be incurred if supporting treatments are necessary will be discussed in detail by your dentist.

Give yourself the gift of a smile you can be proud of. Call us now at Life Dental Implants and grab this outstanding Christmas deal before the year ends!

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