Common Dental Problems – bulimia


 Thank you for your query,

I am sorry about the situation you describe. It cannot be easy facing the loss of front teeth at such an early age as you describe.

It would be impossible to give any but a general answer to your query without seeing you and carrying out a full assessment. I suggest that you seek a dentist who has experience in dealing with cases such as your and start the process off there. see the link below to my website where there is a discussion on the various alternatives to treatment; I hope this at least give you a starting point. Please come back if you want  a more personalised  discussion as and contact me through the website.

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Dr Azhar Sheikh





I am a 29 yr old female who suffered with anorexia and bulimia but I have been free of it for 2 yrs but its left my teeth in a sorry state and there is alot of decay on my back teeth especially. I think I will have to get some removedand I dont want to be left with no teeth, what is there in the way of implants or bridges that could help when I have my teeth removed?