Cheap Dental Implants

Will You Trust Cheap Dental Implants for Your Smile?

Dental Implants are ideal solutions for your missing teeth problems. However, an implant treatment can be costly, which is why the idea of having a less-expensive treatment becomes a very attractive prospect for those who want to end their toothless conditions. As you search for clinics that offer Dental Implants, you will undoubtedly come across those that proudly announce that they have the lowest-priced implants in the market nowadays.

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There are hundreds of companies manufacturing low-cost Dental Implants in the UK; unfortunately, not all of these implant systems have gone through successful clinical trials.

Without going through rigorous clinical tests, who knows what these Dental Implants can do to your body once they are put in place?

In these cases, low-cost may equate to low quality –and you definitely do not want anything with low quality to be embedded into your jawbone, left there to stay inside your mouth for a number of years.

While it is natural to want to choose the more cost-effective option, would you really want cheap Dental Implants that have questionable quality?

One of the most important things that you should consider when choosing where to get an implant treatment is the experience of the dentist/dental surgeon. There are dentists who claim that they can easily undertake the placement of implants, but it is crucial for you to check if these dentists actually have the training, skills, and experience necessary to be able to place implants successfully and safely.

Things to Consider when Looking for an Implant Dentist

  • Dentist’s experience and qualifications in implant treatments
  • Dentist’s track record for successful implant placements (you can also check feedback from previous patients)
  • Implant systems used
  • In-house technology and equipment
  • Availability of aftercare and support services
  • Payment/finance options for implant treatment

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Why Do You Want to Have Dental Implants?

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Those who plan to get Dental Implants have different goals when they decide to have the treatment. Some of the most common goals include:

  • To improve the function of teeth
  • To look more attractive and much healthier with new teeth
  • To be able to fully enjoy their meals again after losing teeth
  • To boost confidence with a brand-new, gorgeous smile
  • To restore a thriving social life, even after tooth loss
  • To replace painful, embarrassing loose dentures

How about you – have you decided on your ultimate goal for getting implants? And do you believe you can achieve that goal if you go for cheap Dental Implants?

implantsWhatever your goal is for having Dental Implants, it is important for you to keep in mind that you will first need to check your eligibility for the treatment. Not everyone is suitable for an implant treatment, and one of the main considerations is the quality of your jawbone.

Implants need to be placed on jawbone that has sufficient quality (width and height), because the bone will serve as the base for the implants. It will be difficult to nearly impossible to attach implants if the jawbone has thinned due to smoking, or because of long-term denture use (or long-term tooth loss). In such cases, additional procedures such as Bone Grafts may be done to improve the quality of the jawbone, prior to implant placement.

The Dental Implant treatment is a surgical procedure. As you are faced with such a complex treatment, do you really want to have the cheapest option, or the BEST one to restore your smile?

Do You Need to Go Abroad for Dental Implants?

planeA number of people have been going the international route to have their implant treatments because initially, it seems a more viable option because the treatment cost will be cut by more than 50% if done outside the UK. Note the use of the term “initially” – that treatment package in another country might seem too good to be true, and oftentimes it is.







Disadvantages of Having Cheap Dental Implants Treatment Abroad

  • Hidden Costs – The treatment package covers just that – the treatment. Cheap Dental Implants may be available abroad, but you will also have to add the following to your expense list when you go out of the UK to have Dental Implants:


  •                     Airfare/plane tickets
  •                     Transportation costs abroad (traveling by bus, taxi, etc.)
  •                     Accommodation costs (hotels, travel inns, hostels)
  •                     Food and miscellaneous expenses


  • Aftercare – When you encounter any problems with implants placed by a UK dentist, it is easy for you to book and appointment to have the issue checked. What happens if there are complications with the implants you had placed in another country? Even a routine checkup might not be possible without sky-high costs and a lot of hassle if you went abroad for your implants. Imagine the inconvenience and expenses these situations can result to. In addition, you can rest assured that you will see the same dentist (for follow-up checkups, aftercare) when you have your implant treatment in the UK. This may not be the case when you go to another country for the treatment, where you might have to deal with a completely unknown dentist when you go for a follow-up checkup.
  • Communication Issues – As widely-used as English is, there may be some nuances that differ from culture to culture. These small differences can result to communication problems between you, the patient, and the dentist/dental surgeon abroad. You may end up getting a result that you did not expect, or in a worst case scenario – you may be faced with something completely different from what you wanted because of a misunderstanding due to communication problems.
  • Dental Regulations – UK dentists are governed by the GDC (General Dental Council), one of the most trusted and stringent regulatory bodies. Implant treatments in the UK have to be conducted following a strict set of standards. When you go to another country, you may not have the guarantee that your dentist or dental surgeon will follow the same strict standards, or if they are at all bound by similar regulations regarding dental treatments.

Cheapest is not always the best – in life and with Dental Implants

There will always be a quest for products and services that offer the best value for money. However, cost is not the ONLY option that you have to consider. The key is to find optimum balance between cost, and all the other factors mentioned above, when considering Dental Implants.

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