Causes of Wisdom Tooth Pain

The pain stemming from wisdom tooth problems can be severe. For some patients, the pain is so great that they are unable to do anything else – other than curling up into a ball and wishing that the pain will go away on its own, and soon. Wisdom tooth pain can be immobilising, but it can be managed. Your dentist can give you permanent relief from wisdom tooth pain. Depending on the level of infection involved, the tooth may need to be extracted to protect surrounding teeth, to prevent the infection from spreading.

pain wisdom tooth

What causes wisdom teeth to suddenly become intensely painful? The problem is directly related to the location of the wisdom teeth, which are actually the third and fourth molars, on both sides of the lower and upper jaws. These teeth can partially emerge from under the gum line, or may grow sideways. When a tooth is impacted or does not fully erupt from under the gum line, it can be difficult to clean, making it more prone to tooth decay and other dental problems.

A tooth that grows sideways instead will push against the neighbouring teeth. This sideways movement results in a great deal of pressure – and pain. These teeth will also be challenging to clean, with the impaction making them more at risk for infections. Tooth extraction may be the only solution to prevent the spread of infection, and to provide long-lasting relief from wisdom tooth pain.

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