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Why Loose Dentures are Painful

Dentures replace the form and function of your missing natural teeth. These artificial teeth quickly provide missing teeth solutions, and are created according to the patient’s unique mouth measurements. Why, then, do dentures become painful with the passage of time? What you thought would be...
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Start your Day without Morning Breath

September 12th, 2016UncategorizedComments:0
As you wake up after a restful night of sleep, you want only the most pleasant things to ease you into a new day. An awful smell when you open your mouth will definitely jolt you awake, but in an unpleasant manner. That good morning greeting won’t hold the same meaning when you have bad breath...
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What to Expect after the Implant Placement

Choosing to have dental implants at Life Dental Implants is one of the best decisions you can make, if you want to put an end to your missing teeth problems. The titanium artificial roots will bring back the healthy appearance and function of your smile, so you enjoy your life to the fullest...
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5 Fascinating Dental Drill Facts

November 11th, 2015UncategorizedComments:0
The dental drill is an important piece of equipment in a number of dental treatments. Listed below are several interesting facts about this often-feared dentistry tool. Ancient drill   The very first dental drill was said to be used by an ancient civilization some 9,000 years ago. It was...
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Dental implant Review

February 27th, 2014UncategorizedComments:0
Here is an x ray taken of a LR6 (first molar) tooth taken a few days ago. The implant was placed almost 10 years ago and shows no bone loss around it or any other deterioration. The tooth has been in good function for all this time.
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Ten facts About Bad Breath

February 1st, 2014UncategorizedComments:0
Word of Mouth ISSUE 15 / JANUARY 2014 British Dental Health Foundation TEN FACTS ABOUT BAD BREATH 1. Bad breath is usually caused by the smelly gases released by bacteria that coat teeth, gums and tongue. 2. Bad breath may be a warning sign of potential gum disease – the main cause of tooth...
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Dental implant surgery

December 21st, 2013UncategorizedComments:0
Last Saturday before Christmas and performing dental implant surgery with Dr Ben Aghabeigi. Today’s list includes removal of palatable impacted canines, block bone grafting, implant placement and sinus grafting. Later is the annual practice Christmas dinner. All in a day’s work! AUS
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Case of the day

December 10th, 2013UncategorizedComments:0
This x ray demonstrates a complex case. The treatment has taken some years to reach this point with the upper right quadrant remaining. This is a very common scenario where complex, lengthy or expensive treatment is carries out in stages.
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Osstem dental implant meeting 2013

October 23rd, 2013UncategorizedComments:0
Am in Florence to attend the Osstem Dental Implant 2013 meeting. Osstem is a major implant manufacturing and distribution company and Osstem implants are the fourth most widely used implants in the world. (Source Osstem company). life dental implants is the largest user of Osstem Implants in the UK.
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Dr Azhar Sheikh

October 8th, 2013UncategorizedComments:0
Dr Azhar Sheikh> – Well-known UK Qualified Dental Implant Dentist – Over Twenty Seven Years Experience – Co-founder of The London Dental Studio Dr Sheikh, as featured in He is a UK qualified dentist for 30 years and has 25 years experience in Dental Implantology. Dr Sheikh...
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Buckingham Palace State Rooms Visit

October 8th, 2013UncategorizedComments:0
Life Dental Implants is located in central London minutes away from Buckingham Palace. See the link below about how to arrange a visit to the palace. https://www.royalcollection.org.uk/visit/the-state-rooms-buckingham-palace Although the visiting season is over, Buckinham Palace is a mjor world...
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life Dental Implants

August 30th, 2013UncategorizedComments:0
Hello, Life has been a bit quiet on the blog front but we hope to be a bit more a time now. Look forward to some interesting cases; see the website gallery. Our Patient Gallery Further there will be some articles of dental and general health interest. Hopefully it will be worth the read. Life team.
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Leaving the Starship

United Federation of Planets Federation Starship Solitude, Captain’s log, Stardate ………. The strangers have gone. They were on board for many parsecs but the time seemed to pass quite quickly as they developed. We always knew that this time would come; that they would...
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Animal London by Ianthe Ruthven

October 12th, 2011UncategorizedComments:0
Life Dental patient publishes new Book Ianthe Ruthven is a patient of the practice. She is a photographer who specialises in landscape, arcitecture and interiors. She has publisehed a new book called Animal London by Random House. A synopsis of the book is presented below from the...
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