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Teeth Grinding Troubles

Do you grind your teeth? You may not even be aware that you have this habit! Teeth grinding can be the result of pent-up emotions, such as when you’re feeling frustrated and you can’t do anything about the situation other than grinding your teeth. Most of the time, this habit is done...
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What Happens After Tooth Loss?

Have you experienced losing one or more of your teeth? There are several reasons why teeth go missing, including gum disease, tooth decay, and injuries toe face or mouth area. Regardless of the reason for the toothless condition, one will experience significant changes – with long-term effects...
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6 Ways to Avoid Dry Mouth

Does your mouth feel parched? Check out the following tips to keep your mouth from feeling like the Sahara desert. Stay hydrated with water Hydrate with water to keep the inside of your mouth moist and healthy. Cut down on caffeine Coffee and other caffeinated drinks can dry your mouth. Limit...
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