Renata – Implants & Crowns

Renata’s Story

Renata is a lady who is deeply spiritual and with a positive attitude on life.

She presented with failed bridgework in her upper back. These bridges were done approximately 21 years ago and have now reached the end of their sustainable life. The missing teeth that the bridges replaced were extracted many years ago and for this and other reasons Renata had developed a Sinus Chambers (hollow cavities in the upper cheek back).

The treatment plan involved removal of the failed bridges and supporting teeth, followed by sinus grafting after healing. This technique, developed by Professor Hilt Tatum, grows bone in the cheekbone thus allowing implants to be placed in the area of the upper biting teeth.

Once the grafts had healed, the implants were placed, followed by the crowns after the implants were integrated (firm and strong enough to withstand biting forces). A happy patient.

Before & After Images



Clinical Images

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