Peter – Full Mouth Implants

The Treatment

Peters is a youthful 60 year old, who came to the practice wearing an upper denture that he was unhappy with.

As a self employed businessman he found that denture impeded on his social and business life.

After discussing all relevant options, Peter decided that he wanted a Hybrid Dental Implant / Bridge which was specifically designed to give him fixed teeth on the day of the implant placement. A few years down the line all is working well.

With his fixed teeth he has found improvements in the aesthetics of his smile, speech, eating and has higher confidence levels.

Before & After Images

See Peter’s Video – its impossible not to smile!

Peter’s Experience

Hi, my name is Peter. Back in November of last year, I was looking to have implants, and have been to a couple of people. I came across Dr. Sheikh and had an interview with him (or a consultation) and I liked very much what I was told at the time and decided to go for the implants – in my case, six in total.

I must say, I can’t say that I had a good time but the end result was absolutely fantastic, can’t complain. Look, I can even go (proceeds to bite on an apple) – umm, wonderful! Just to be able to bite into an apple like that was absolutely fantastic. And look! (smiles widely) I even got my full smile back – fantastic! Dr. Sheikh, thank you very much!


Clinical Images

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