Bring Back a Complete Smile in Just 1 Day

When you have missing teeth, you will experience a host of problems that affect both the function and the aesthetics of your smile. Your appearance will undergo a significant change from the moment you lose your natural teeth; what was once an attractive smile will become unhealthy-looking and incomplete. Even the simplest tasks such as chewing on food and speaking clearly will become difficult to do with an incomplete set of teeth, or without any teeth remaining. Your confidence will take a direct hit when you are faced with these problems associated with tooth loss.

Are you looking for a solution to missing teeth, but do not want to spend a long time going toothless or with an awkward smile? Dental implants are ideal solutions to tooth loss problems as they restore both the function and the aesthetics of a healthy smile. Conventional dental implants, however, may take a long time to completely be healed and be fully functional. After they are inserted into the jawbone, they will be left to heal for a few months before the teeth restorations can be attached.

Now, you have an option to get the benefits of a dental implant treatment without the long wait. Same day dental implants bring back the normal use and appearance of a smile after tooth loss, within just 1 day of treatment. The implants are placed into the jawbone using a minimally-invasive procedure that also eliminates the need for a bone graft. You can have a brand-new smile without having to go through a few months of waiting!

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