Bone Grafting to Support Dental Implants

When teeth are lost, bone loss usually follows especially if the missing teeth are not replaced or addressed immediately. Dental implants cannot be supported if the extraction site  does not have sufficient bone mass and volume; bone grafting can address this particular issue. Life Dental Implants London gives you the bone grafting information you need to be able to deal with bone loss problems prior to dental implants placement.

With the bone grafting procedure, additional bone mass is added to the area that needs to be augmented (improved) prior to the placement of dental implants. Dental implants cannot be placed in areas where the bone ridge is too thin or short, which is why bone grafting is necessary in some cases. There are different types of bone grafting procedures, depending on the patient’s needs; these grafting types include: onlay graft, block graft and particulate grafting.

Bone grafting is beneficial in the successful placement of dental implants. Life Dental Implants in London will provide you with the information you need about bone grafting so you can make the necessary decisions prior to having the dental implants you need.

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