Azhar Completed British 10K Charity Run – July 11

July 22nd, 2011CharitiesComments:0

Central London Race For Charity 2011

Myself and my children, Faiza and Salman, took part in the British 10K run held in Central London on 10th July 2011. I have to thank Faiza for pushing me to do this as I have never been a runner of any talent or endurance and this was a big challenge for me. However I am grateful that she did.

It was hard work for me and I did not manage to run all the way but I did get to the end with Faiza dragging me over the finish line. Salman ran with a friend and did it in about 55 minutes which was very respectable and a lot quicker than me. It was a very humbling affair to take part with so many others who were happy to give up their time and energy to help others and this willingness to help those less fortunate than ourselves is definitely one of the great strengths of this country. The weather was suited to running and it was a perfect way to see so many London landmarks all in one session!

Having got the first run under my belt I am happy to say that I would do others and I now have some incentive to have a proper training regime prior to any runs. I am happy and proud to have taken part in this worthy event and I trust that this country is a slightly better place for it being held. Please support the people and charities involved they need our help. In a later blog I’ll post some photos for my readers to laugh at. Do see the links below for further infomation. Many thanks,

Azhar Sheikh

Faiza’s donation page on Just Giving:

Salman’s donation page on Just Giving: