Are You Afraid of your Dentist?

Do you feel scared whenever you have to go to your dentist? Are you usually making excuses not to go for a dental check-up because you don’t want another session with your dentist or dental hygienist? While this fear is common, it is still very important to deal with dental anxiety especially if it is keeping you from getting the proper dental care. Discovering the root cause of your fear may help you deal better with the dental stress in the long run.

Dental anxiety can also be triggered by other factors, such as fear of pain, a phobia of needles or injections, embarrassment about poor oral health, or stress over the high dental treatment cost. However, in cases when there is a genuine fear of the dentist, you might want to relay these fears to him or her so adjustments can be made to bring you to comfort every time you go in for your dental appointment. If your problem is, you’re not comfortable with your current dentist, you may want to try looking for another dentist – one who can help you feel calm, relaxed, and at ease every time you have a dental check-up or treatment.

You can ask your dentist for nervous patient care options to help ease your fears during your dental treatment. Conscious IV sedation works by the administration of a sedative through an intravenous line to your arm. This sedative will put you in a fully-relaxed state, wherein you will feel perfectly calm, stress free – but completely awake & conscious. You will still be able to communicate with your dentist throughout the procedure, but you will be anxiety-free!

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