Anxious Patients and their Dental Fears

Are you afraid of going to the dentist for your regular dental check-up? If going to the dental clinic for a routine dental appointment scares you, then even the idea of going through a more complicated dental treatment may be enough to send you into a panic attack. Dental fear is one of the main reasons why good dental health is not achieved. It is common for nervous patients to do whatever it takes just to avoid going to their dentist. A number of factors may contribute to the dental anxiety condition, which can worsen with the passage of time.


Patients may feel anxious at the idea of seeing the dentist because of previous bad experiences with other dentists, or because of preconceived ideas about dentists in general. Some are embarrassed at the state of their teeth, and feel highly uncomfortable about letting a stranger (the dentist) look at their mouths and pass judgment on their dental health. Another cause for anxiety is the dental drill: the noise produced by the drill can increase nervousness, and some people associate the bothersome dental drill sound with pain.

A nervous patient will be even more afraid of the dentist if a complicated procedure, such as an implant treatment, is involved. The patient may think that such a treatment will definitely come with pain and discomfort. Nervous patient care options such as conscious sedation are offered at Life Dental Implants to make the treatments more comfortable for those who have dental fear. Conscious sedation makes it possible for an anxious patient to have the necessary dental treatment with a positive experience.

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