All Teeth Missing Solutions with Dental Implants

When all of your teeth go missing, you will experience drastic changes with your smile’s form and function. Multiple tooth loss will instantly transform your face into a much older version, which will also look unhealthy as the area surrounding your mouth takes on a shrunken or shrivelled appearance. Eating will be an extremely challenging thing to do without teeth. As the gums take on the task of tearing food into manageable pieces, the soft tissue will be subjected to unnecessary force that will most likely result to painful sores or wounds on the gums.

implants all missing

Dental implants restore the healthy form and function of your smile – even after you lose all of your natural teeth. The titanium implants are placed directly into the jaw to replace the function of lost tooth roots, maintaining the healthy condition of the bone to prevent jawbone thinning. The implants are then attached to a fixed dental bridge for either the lower or upper jaw (or both) to make the smile complete once more.

An implant treatment at Life Dental Implants London provides a better solution to all missing teeth problems compared to dentures, which have a tendency to become loose with long-term use. Implants and the attached teeth restoration will stay in place as they are attached firmly to the jawbone; this is not the case with removable dentures that can suddenly fall off the mouth when they lose their comfortable fit. Dental implants make it possible for you to still be able to smile confidently even after suffering from the loss of all your teeth.

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