7 Ways to Maximise your Dental Checkup

These are a few things that you need to do before your dental checkup, to make sure that the procedure (and the time leading to the treatment) goes as smoothly as possible.

Verify your appointment

verify appointment

Even if you had your appointment set weeks or months in advance, it is still a good idea to re-confirm your appointment a day before the dental checkup.

Brush your teeth

brush teeth

Keep your teeth and mouth clean to avoid the embarrassment of greeting your dentist with a dirty or foul-smelling mouth.

Be ready with the important information

Attractive businessperson showing okay gesture

Get ready to give pertinent information about your medical and dental history, medications you are taking, dental insurance information, and payment option for the treatment.

List dental problems and concerns

Young woman sitting on sofa writing in notepad

Do you have a few questions about your teeth and oral health? It is a good idea to make a list of these questions and concerns, so you can have something to consult (and so you will not forget anything important) when you talk to your dentist.

Be an early bird

early bird

Go to the clinic earlier than your appointment, so that you have enough time to fill out the necessary forms, or to relax before you go in for your checkup.

Face your fears

face dental fear

Are you a nervous patient? Do not be afraid or embarrassed to tell your dentist, who can give you nervous patient care options to ease your fear and anxiety during treatments.

Schedule follow-up appointments or treatments

schedule appointment

Your dentist will tell you if you need to have a follow-up treatment. Make sure that you ask when you need to come back for the follow-up, and have it scheduled accordingly. You can also have your next dental checkup scheduled while you are still in the clinic.

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