7 Ways to Keep Your Teeth White and Bright

Bright and white teeth contribute to a beautiful smile. When you have stained teeth, your smile will look very unhealthy and unattractive. The teeth discolourations can also lead to dental problems such as tooth decay, if these stains are not removed early on.

Here are some ways to keep your teeth white and stain-free.

  1. Brush your teeth regularly. Keeping your teeth clean will reduce the risk of teeth stains, and remove food pieces that have left on the mouth after eating.

brushing teeth

  1. Use dental floss to clean the area between the teeth and the gum line.


  1. Avoid heavy consumption of drinks or food that can stain the teeth. The list of teeth-staining food and beverages


    include coffee, tea, cranberry or grape juice, red wine, soda, beets, tomato sauce, and soy sauce.

coffee stained

  1. Stop smoking, or don’t smoke. Cigarettes and tobacco products can stain the teeth.

smoking stop

  1. Avoid drinking too much of beverages that have a high acidity or sugar content. These drinks may cause enamel erosion, which can lead to teeth discolourations. Use a straw when drinking these beverages to reduce the risk of teeth stains.

sugary drinks


  1. Go for regular hygiene appointments. Professional dental cleaning and teeth polishing removes stains on the surface of teeth so you can keep your smile bright and white.

hygiene treatments

  1. Get teeth whitening treatments to remove more stubborn teeth stains and discolourations.

teeth whitening treatments

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