7 Ways to Fight Dry Lips

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Even if you have beautiful teeth, your smile will still look unattractive if you have dry lips. You can win the battle against unattractive, chapped chapped lips by following the tips below.

Prepare for the outdoors

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Protect your lips from chapping in cold weather by keeping your face covered with a scarf. In a warmer climate, you can use a wide-brimmed hat to keep your lips protected from the strong sun rays.

Avoid lip-licking

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Licking your lips actually make them even drier.

Use lip balm

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Lip balms infuse dry lips with much-needed moisture, and help the lips to retain that moisture for a longer period of time. Bonus points for lip balms that can moisturise lips with a bit of colour, and taste/smell good as well.

Exfoliate your lips

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Just like skin exfoliating, lip exfoliating gets rid of flaky, dry buildup that can cause the lips to become chapped and unattractive. Make sure that you do the exfoliation gently, to avoid harming your lips while making your smile more beautiful and healthier-looking.

Keep your mouth shut

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As you breathe, that is. The air that comes from breathing with the mouth open makes the lips dry out faster.

Keep yourself well-hydrated


If you are dehydrated, it will be obvious with your dry lips. Keep yourself properly hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Fight with vitamins

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Dry lips can be a symptom of a vitamin deficiency. You can get your vitamins naturally by loading up on fruits and vegetables; however, vitamin supplements may be a better idea if you are unable to consume the needed healthy food items.

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