7 Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Early detection is a key factor in the successful treatment of oral cancer. This is the reason why oral cancer screening is very important. Knowing the early signs and symptoms of oral cancer on a personal level will also be beneficial in the fight against mouth cancer.

Persistent mouth sore

Mouth sores usually go away after a few days or weeks. However, if the mouth ulcer does not heal on its own, or even with medications, it is best to have it checked by your dentist to rule out oral cancer.

Pain inside the mouth

An unexplained pain on any part of the mouth will need to be checked immediately by your dentist.

Red or white patches

White or red patches on the tongue, gums, tonsils, or other soft tissue inside the mouth may be an early sign of oral cancer.

Persistent bad breath

Bad breath that does not go away even with regular hygiene treatments will need to be checked to rule out mouth cancer.

Suspicious lumps

A lump on the cheek, neck, and other parts of the mouth will need to be screened for proper diagnosis.

Pain or difficulty in swallowing, chewing, moving the tongue or jaw

A difficulty in moving the jaw or tongue will need to be checked for correct diagnosis and treatment.

Persistent sore throat

A sore throat problem that won’t go away may signify a more serious dental problem.

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