7 Home Remedies for Painful Wisdom Tooth

An impacted wisdom tooth, or one that is just about to come out from under the gum line, can bring a great deal of discomfort. Here are some home remedies you can use to ease the pain.

Cold compress

wisdom tooth pain

Place an ice pack outside your cheek, corresponding to the area where the wisdom tooth is located.

Warm saltwater

warm saltwater

Gargle with warm saltwater, which can ease the discomfort and help fight harmful bacteria.

Opt for an onion

onion slices

Place a cut onion on the area where the wisdom tooth is located. You can also bite on the onion, as the juice is known to help ease the discomfort from an erupting wisdom tooth.

Go for garlic

toothache garlic

Place crushed garlic on the painful wisdom tooth. Garlic has antibacterial properties which can also help with the pain.

Peppermint rub


Rub peppermint on the tooth and on the surrounding gums to help ease the pain.

Tea bag


A tea bag which has been soaked in hot water can be placed on the wisdom tooth area to fight bacteria and ease discomfort.

Chilled cucumber


A chilled cucumber slice placed on the painful area can help relieve the discomfort.

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