7 Common Tooth Brushing Mistakes

Do you brush your teeth properly? Check out these common mistakes when it comes to tooth brushing – and find out if you are guilty of doing some (or all!) of them.

Express tooth brushing

toothbrush express

Do you spend just a few strokes and a few seconds when you brush your teeth? Tooth brushing is ideally done at least twice a day, and you should spend about two to three minutes each time when you brush your teeth.

You brush too hard

toothbrush hard

If you brush your teeth with too much force, you are actually doing more harm than good. Vigorous tooth brushing can wear down your tooth enamel and cause premature tooth erosion.

Going for the wrong bristles

toothbrush bristles

Using hard or stiff bristles can harm your gums, and can wear down tooth enamel.

Forgetting to brush the inner teeth surfaces

brushing teeth

The inner teeth surfaces can sometimes be neglected when brushing teeth. These surfaces are just as susceptible to bacteria, and will need to be cleaned as thoroughly as the outer surfaces.

Using only horizontal strokes for brushing

toothbrush strokes

Long horizontal strokes can actually damage the gum line over time. Brush by placing the toothbrush on a 45-degree angle to your teeth, and by using short strokes.

Forgetting about the tongue

tongue clean

Cleaning the tongue should be a part of the tooth brushing habit. Use the toothbrush or a tongue scraper to clean the tongue to eliminate bacteria that can cause bad breath and other dental problems.

Not replacing your toothbrush regularly

toothbrushes 3

Every three months, you should replace your toothbrush to make sure that you get the most cleaning action.

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