7 Common Reasons Why People Smoke

February 16th, 2015Oral Health CareComments:0

Smoking increases the risk of developing a number of health problems, including heart disease and cancer. However, despite all the warnings, many individuals still choose to light up cigarettes to get their nicotine fix. Why do people smoke? Listed below are some of the most common reasons why smokers just can’t seem to stop smoking.

Peer Pressure

peer pressure

This is one of the most common reasons why people start smoking in the first place. If every other person in a group smokes, the last non-smoker can feel anxious and pressured to give in, and start smoking just to feel that they belong to that group.

Social Benefits

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Smoking can strengthen the feeling of being accepted in a given group of people (who are smokers as well). There can be a sense of camaraderie among smokers that may not happen if these individuals do not light up their cigarettes and go for a smoke break.

Thrill of the Forbidden


The first nicotine puff may be done to try something forbidden – smoking – but the thrill of this “adventure” can turn into an addiction soon enough.

Parents who Smoke

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Studies show that parents who smoke are more likely to have children who will smoke as well. This is because children perceive smoking as an acceptable habit, as seen being done by their parents.

Lack of Information

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Lack of correct information can prevent people from stopping their smoking habit. Some incorrect beliefs and information include the idea that smoking just a few cigarettes a day is not harmful to the health; and that “light” cigarette brands are healthier alternatives so it is alright to smoke these cigarettes.

Stress Reliever

smoking stress

A nicotine fix is used by some smokers primarily as a stress reliever, turning to cigarettes in times of extreme stress and emotional turbulence.

Weight Loss

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Smoking decreases a person’s sense of smell and taste. As a result, smoking causes decreases appetite as well. This is the reason some people use to justify their smoking habit –they are smoking to help shed unwanted pounds.

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