7 Common Dental Problems among Older People

Here are the most common dental concerns among older individuals:

Missing teeth

tooth loss seniors

Older people have a higher risk of suffering from loose teeth problems. This can be solved with dental implants.

Dry mouth

dry mouth

A dry mouth is common among older people who regularly take certain medications, which cause the perpetually parched feeling in the mouth.

Discoloured teeth

smoking old

A lifetime of consuming teeth-staining food and drinks (such as coffee or tea) can lead to discoloured teeth later on in life. Smoking for a very long time can also lead to stained teeth.

Gum disease

gum disease

Gum disease in older people can be caused by tooth decay, poor oral hygiene, poorly-fitting dentures, medical conditions, and poor diet choices.

Jawbone deterioration

jawbone deterioration

Long-term tooth, when not addressed with the proper treatment, can lead to jawbone deterioration.


loose dentures

Stomatitis is a condition characterised by the inflammation of the soft tissue inside the mouth and lips. Older people who wear loose dentures are prone to developing stomatitis, as the ill-fitting dentures rub repeatedly against the soft, sensitive parts of the inner mouth.

Teeth Sensitivity

sensitive teeth seniors

Sensitive teeth problems among older people can be caused by receding gums or damage to the teeth such as chips, decay, and cracks.

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