7 Common Causes of a Cracked Tooth

How did you crack your tooth? This dental problem is commonly caused by the following:

Teeth grinding

teeth grinding

Grinding/clenching the teeth can cause fractures or cracks on the teeth.

Weakened by a filling or cavity

decayed damaged tooth

A tooth with a cavity or filling can be weakened, increasing its risk of being cracked more easily.

Weakened by root canal

root canal

A tooth treated with root canal may be more susceptible to cracking.

Biting on hard food items

hard candies

Biting (either accidentally or on purpose) on hard items such as nuts, ice, hard candies, or meat bones can cause the teeth to crack.

Using teeth as tools

teeth as tools

A cracked tooth can result from using the teeth to open a bottle, or to tear open a package.

Trauma to the mouth

jaw injury

Trauma and injuries to the mouth area can cause a tooth to be cracked.

Gum disease

tooth gum disease

Severe gum disease (periodontitis) can weaken and wear away the support protecting a tooth. When this happens, the tooth will be more prone to cracks and other damage.

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