7 Bad Habits for your Teeth

January 16th, 2015DENTAL PREVENTIONComments:0

You may not be aware that these habits are causing harm to your teeth, and your entire smile.

Chewing on ice


Ice is sugar-free, so it is harmless to crunch on some ice every now and then, right? Wrong! The hard ice cubes or chips you are munching on can damage your tooth enamel, and cause your tooth to crack.

Grinding teeth

habit grinding

Frustration and anger can cause you to grind your teeth. This habit, when done regularly and for a long time, can injure your teeth’s enamel and your jaw joint.

Playing contact sports without a mouth guard

habit mouth guard

When you engage in contact sports, you are greatly increasing your risk for mouth and teeth injuries. Investing in a mouth guard will protect your teeth and your mouth area from serious injuries.

Chewing on non-food items

habit biting

Do you constantly chew on the end of your pen, on the stem of your eyeglasses, or anything else that is handy? These habits wear down your teeth enamel, increasing the risk for dental problems and teeth sensitivity.

Using your teeth to open stuff

habit open

Your teeth are not meant to be used as a tool for opening bottle caps, or tearing open packages. These habits can cause damage or crack your teeth.

Snacking constantly

habit snacking

Constant snacking can cause food pieces to be stuck on your teeth for hours, without the aid of tooth brushing to clean the whole mouth.


habit smoking

The chemicals in cigarettes and tobacco products are harmful to the health. Nicotine is a major culprit in teeth staining, and can also cause gum problems.

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