6 Ways to Take Care of Your Implants

Dental implants replace the form and function of your missing teeth. The implants (and the teeth restorations) are now a part of your smile – and you have to do your part in taking care of this smile if you want it to last for a long time.

Are you taking good care of your implants? Here are a few simple yet effective steps in making sure that your dental implants will be in the best condition, and will remain that way for a long time to give you beautiful smiles.

  1. Brush teeth regularly

tooth brush

Regular tooth brushing will remove food pieces in and around the teeth and your gum line, which can be the cause of dental problems.

  1. Floss regularly


Using dental floss will remove food debris from in between the teeth and the gum line, especially in areas that cannot be reached by a tooth brush.

  1. Avoid smoking


Avoid or stop smoking cigarettes or tobacco products, so your implants – and your health – will not be harmed.

  1. Don’t use your teeth as tools

cutting tool

You can eat your favourite food items, but please refrain from using your teeth as a cutting tool,  gadget, or a weapon!

  1. Avoid drinking very hot liquids

hot liquid

Drinking very hot liquids on a regular basis may damage the layer of cells surrounding the implant. If a drink is too hot to touch, then it certainly is too hot for you to drink!

  1. Go to the dentist regularly


Your dentist will help in the proper maintenance of your implants. The earliest signs of problems concerning the implants can also be detected by your Life Dental Implants dentist.

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