6 Ways to Protect the Tooth Enamel

January 29th, 2015DENTAL PREVENTIONComments:0

Tooth enamel is the hard outer covering of the teeth that protects against daily wear and tear, chemicals and acids that can harm the teeth, and temperature changes. Here are ways to effectively protect tooth enamel, which can prevent damage to teeth.

Limit intake of acidic food and beverages


Acidic drinks such as soda and fruit juices, and food items such as citrus fruits, can quickly wear down tooth enamel. Limiting the intake of these food items and drinks can protect the tooth enamel from being prematurely worn down.

Sip with a straw

Cool guy sipping juice from half orange

Using a straw when you drink acidic beverages limits the contact of the acids with your teeth.

Go for dairy after the acids

milk calcium

Drinking a glass of milk, or chewing on a piece of cheese, after consuming something with high acidity will cancel out the acids.

Load up on water

gargle water

Drinking plenty of water right after consuming something acidic will balance out the mouth’s acidity, and flush away the acids so that they do not stay in contact with the tooth enamel for prolonged periods of time.

Gum-chewing helps

gum chewing

Chewing on sugar-free gum decreases the acid level in the mouth, and also encourages more saliva production. More saliva in the mouth will help strengthen the tooth enamel.

Avoid hard tooth brushing


Brushing your teeth in a forceful manner will wear down the tooth enamel prematurely. Brush teeth using soft strokes instead.

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