6 Ways to Prevent (Bad) Morning Breath

Does your breath smell particularly bad when you get up in the morning? Here are some ways to prevent or control bad breath so you can smile widely and confidently in the morning.

Brush teeth thoroughly before sleeping

toothbrush before sleeping

Cleaning your mouth before sleeping will eliminate food pieces that may have been left after meals. These food bits, when left inside the mouth, can contribute to bad breath.

Clean your tongue

tongue clean

It is important to clean the surface of your tongue when you brush your teeth. Bacteria that can cause bad breath breed on the tongue’s surface, so cleaning it will significantly reduce the risk of bad breath from developing.

Gargle with antibacterial mouthwash

breath good

The mouthwash will keep your breath fresher for a longer period of time.

Sleep with your mouth closed


When you sleep (and breathe) with your mouth open, your saliva dries up. A dry mouth is the ideal breeding ground of bad breath-causing bacteria. Sleeping on your side reduces the chances of your mouth falling open while you are sleeping.

Eat vitamin C-rich fruits

vitamin C fruits

Fruits rich in vitamin C can prevent gum diseases and bad breath. Eating a plum at night before bedtime can help reduce the morning bad breath risk.

Get fresher breath with herbs

tea breath

Herbs can give you fresher breath, and also cleans your digestive tract. You can enjoy a cup of hot herbal tea before going to sleep at night to prevent bad breath in the morning.

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