6 Ways to Avoid Dry Mouth

Does your mouth feel parched? Check out the following tips to keep your mouth from feeling like the Sahara desert.

Stay hydrated with water

water hydrate

Hydrate with water to keep the inside of your mouth moist and healthy.

Cut down on caffeine


Coffee and other caffeinated drinks can dry your mouth. Limit your intake so your mouth does not feel continually parched.

Breathe through your nose

nose breathing

Practice breathing through your nose, and not your mouth. Mouth breathers are known to suffer from dry mouth problems.

Stop smoking

smoking stop

Cigarettes and tobacco products can dry your mouth and may lead to other dental problems.

Try sugar-free gum or candies


Sugar-free gum and candies stimulate the natural flow of saliva, which keeps your mouth moist in a healthy way.

Use a room humidifier


A humidifier will add moisture to the air, and will prevent your mouth from drying up.

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