6 Top Reasons Why People Avoid Dentists

Here are the most common reasons why people avoid going to the dentist for dental treatments, or even for routine dental checkups.

Fear of dentists

The most common reason why people avoid dentists is because they are genuinely afraid of the dentist himself.


Avoidance of going to the dentist is common among those who are worried about the cost of treatment, or those who do not have dental insurance.

Fear of pain

Dental treatments are commonly equated with painful procedures. Those who want to avoid pain naturally avoid dental treatments and dentists as much as they possibly can.

Busy schedules

A busy schedule can lead to a person avoiding dental appointments, especially if he thinks that the treatment will take a huge chunk out of his already full schedule.


If a person has neglected his oral health, he may be too embarrassed to show the condition of his teeth to dentists or hygienists.

Bad previous experiences

Previous painful, embarrassing, or uncomfortable experiences with dentists can cause a person to avoid going to dental clinics altogether.

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