6 Tips for Good Gum Health

Good gum health is essential in keeping your smile looking and feeling great. The tips below are designed to help you keep your gums in good health, so you can avoid gum disease.

Regular tooth brushing

toothbrush colored

Brush your teeth at least twice daily, so that the gums are not exposed to food debris for long periods of time.

Use dental floss to clean more thoroughly


Flossing cleans areas that may not be cleaned by tooth brushing alone.

Load up on water

drink water

Drinking plenty of water washes away food debris, and keeps the mouth (and your gums) properly hydrated.

Consume calcium

milk calcium (2)

Milk and cheese are good sources of calcium, which is beneficial in keeping your gums and teeth healthy.

Avoid smoking

avoid smoking

The chemicals in cigarettes and tobacco products can harm gum tissue.

Go for regular dental checkups

regular checkups

Regular dental checkups will enable the dentist to check on the health of your gums. Early detection is the key to successfully fighting gum disease, preventing severe gum disease from developing.

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