6 Tips for Better Implant Surgery Recovery

Follow these tips to make your recovery from an implant surgery quicker and more comfortable, and also to avoid complications from developing.

Light pressure for bleeding

implant recovery pressure

Apply light pressure with a gauze pad to stop the bleeding, which usually ceases over the first 24 hours. You can also use a tea bag over the bleeding area to promote the formation of a blood clot.

Cold and warm packs for swelling

cold compress

Cold packs to the jaw and cheek area can help control the swelling. As the area swelling subsides, switch to a warm compress to help with the swelling and blood circulation.

Rest for full recovery

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You will need to rest after the dental implant surgery, to allow your body to go through the proper

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healing process. It is also advised that heavy physical activities be avoided in the first week or so, right after the surgery.

Go on a soft diet

soft diet

A soft diet will help prevent any movement that can disrupt the implants’ healing process. It is best to eat soft food items such as soup, oatmeal, noodles, and dishes that are cooked to softness. Avoid eating anything chewy or crunchy.

Avoid smoking or using tobacco

avoid smoking

Smoking or tobacco use can disrupt the healing process of the implants, and can increase the risk of gingivitis.

Stay away from alcoholic drinks

implant recovery alcohol

Alcohol can negatively interact with medications you are taking, and can also impede your body’s natural healing process.