6 Things to Avoid if you have Sensitive Teeth

Do you have sensitive teeth? Here are things you should stay away from, if you don’t want the pain and discomfort caused by tooth sensitivity.

Acidic food and drinks

acidic fruits

The high acidity can trigger a sharp discomfort, especially if consumed in large quantities.

Extremely hot or cold food and drinks

sensitive teeth (2)

Consuming something extremely hot or cold will surely bring a jolt of pain for teeth sensitivity sufferers!

Extremely hard food

hard as diamond

Munching on hard food like nuts and hard candies can worsen your teeth sensitivity, and may even damage your teeth.



If you use mouthwash too often, you can suffer even more from your sensitive teeth issues as the acid in the mouthwash triggers pain.

Teeth whitening products

teeth whitening products

Over the counter teeth whitening products have ingredients that can bring more harm to sensitive teeth. Ask your dentist for other options for sensitive teeth, if you are interested in getting your teeth whitened.

Multiple dental treatments all at once

dental treatments all

If you need to have more than one dental procedure, inform your dentist that you have sensitive and ask if you can spread out the treatments to a few sessions. Your sensitive teeth may bring more pain if subjected to a lot of dental treatments in one go.

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