6 Things to Avoid after Getting Dental Implants

After an implant treatment, there are some things you need to avoid doing. These tips will help ensure comfort and the safety of your implants after their placement on your jawbone.

Avoid heavy physical activities

relax and rest

Doing strenuous activities can trigger more bleeding on the implant site. Try to relax and rest as much as possible.

Avoid tooth brushing on the immediate implant area

gentle toothbrushing

Brushing the immediate implant area can disrupt the healing process. You can rinse your mouth gently instead with a mouthwash.

Avoid hard or sticky food items


Go for a soft diet full of nutritious items on the first two to four weeks following the implant

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treatment. Hard or sticky foods should be avoided as these may put unnecessary pressure on the implants.

Avoid food and drinks that are hot, spicy, or acidic

pepper hot

These food and drinks can irritate the implant area, and disrupt the healing process.

Avoid smoking

smoking stop

Do not smoke for at least three days before the implant placement, and for two weeks after the surgery.

Avoid alcoholic beverages

water flavoured

Drinking alcohol should be avoided for about two weeks after the surgery, to allow the tissues surrounding the implants enough time to heal. You can sip on plain or flavoured water instead as you wait for your implants to heal.