6 Things that Make Your Teeth Dark

September 23rd, 2015Cosmetic DentistryComments:0

Do you want to keep your smile as white and bright as possible, for a long period of time? Here are some things and food items that you need to avoid to prevent teeth darkening.

Poor oral hygiene

poor oral hygiene

Your teeth will be more prone to darkening and staining if you do not brush your teeth, use dental floss, and go for regular dental checkups.



The acidity and dark color of cola can strongly stain teeth. Even the light-coloured soft drinks can harm your teeth with the high acidity level.


red wine

Red wine is known to stain teeth if consumed on a regular basis.


tea drink

The tannins found in black tea are notorious for darkening the teeth if this beverage is regularly and heavily consumed.

Smoking or tobacco use

smoking stress

Nicotine stains are some of the most unsightly stains your teeth can have.

Medical Treatments

medical condition (2)

Cancer treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy can cause the teeth to take on a darker shade.

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