6 Things that Can Help You Relax in the Dental Clinic

There are a lot of people who experience dental fear, or the fear of dentists. Here are some simple things that you can do to help you relax when you go for a dental checkup, or a dental treatment.

Listen to calming music

While waiting for your checkup or treatment, you can slowly relax your mind by listening to soothing music.

Practice breathing exercises

The breathing exercises can help calm your nerves, so your anxiety about the treatment can be reduced.

Read a book

An interesting book can take your attention away from the upcoming treatment. If the book is riveting enough, you may even still be thinking about it while you have your treatment with the dentist.

Watch a movie

Keep yourself entertained with a movie (or even a short, interesting video) on your phone, tablet, or laptop. This will keep your mind off the treatment, and can help you calm down accordingly.

Go online

Visit your favourite sites, chat with your friends, update your Facebook or Twitter status, or browse photos on Instagram. Going online is one of the most effective ways to pass the time, and the social media interactions can help make you feel more relaxed.

Ask your dentist about nervous patient care options

You are not alone in your fear of dentists, or dental fear in general. Ask your dentist about nervous patient care options (such as conscious sedation) that can help you have a more comfortable dental treatment without anxiety and fear.

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