6 Steps to Recovery after a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

A wisdom tooth needs to be extracted if it is impacted or has not gone out from under the gum line. The tooth removal by a dental surgeon is also necessary if the impacted tooth is already decayed, to stop the infection and prevent it from spreading.

  1. Avoid lying flat on your back. Prop your head up with pillows when you need to lie down to avoid prolonging the bleeding.


  1. For the first few days after the surgery, carefully brush your teeth (while avoiding touching the site directly) in a gentler manner.

gentle toothbrushing

  1. Go on a soft or liquid diet for a few days until the extraction site has healed.

liquid diet

  1. Do not smoke or drink alcohol.

dont smoke

  1. Do not gargle, and avoid using a straw when drinking beverages.


  1. Relax. Avoid exercise or any physically strenuous activities for the next few days after the wisdom tooth extraction.


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